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DCC Downtowner News!

Announcement from David Martin:

Dear Church Family,

We have tremendous news—The Downtowner is the new regular home of Denton Community Church! And not just on Sunday mornings, but every day, and any time we need it!

We will not be in the Star Room, where we’re meeting now, but in an adjacent room that is just as large.


It will not be a shared facility, so no other people or groups will be using the space.

We’re in the heart of the city instead of on the fringe.

No need to set up and tear down every Sunday.

With full access to the space, there are exciting opportunities for new areas of ministry. Some of the things that have been discussed:

• Engagement and partnership with International Student Ministry

• Mothers’ Day Out/play day

• Homeschool Co-op classes

• Youth events and activities

• Women’s/Men’s breakfasts

• A Celebrate Recovery group

• Regular potlucks to build community within the church.


We couldn’t do many of these things before because North Lakes Rec Center was simply not available.

We greatly appreciated having the space at North Lakes, but we’ve seen how tenuous that situation can be. Who knows when the space might reopen, or if the City would even allow us to rent the space? Or would limit the size of our gatherings?

And at North Lakes, we paid for every single hour we used the space. A City employee had to be present as an overseer on hand at every event. This limited our ability to have special services on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, as well as congregational meetings. Plus, in our own space our kids won’t be playing with toys and using furniture that other kids have used during the week.


Penny, the owner of the Downtowner, likes us and appreciates having us as renters. Before we found the Downtowner, we had conducted two extensive searches of real estate all around Denton and outside the city. There was nothing that suited our needs available at any price. Raw warehouse space that didn’t even have heating and air conditioning or paved parking was renting for twice the rate that we’ll be paying for the convenient, comfortable Downtowner space.

The rental rate per Sunday will be approximately $75 higher than we were paying at North Lakes. But with the budget shortfall the City experienced by shutting facilities down for so long, it’s almost a certainty that the rent at North Lakes would increase. And again, this rate gets us a facility we can use any time we want to.


But it is not as nicely finished out as the Star Room. (The new space is currently occupied by a massage therapy and physical fitness business, but they will be vacating at the end of summer.) To make our new home truly ours will require some build-out, as would be the case with any space we would move to.


The elders of DCC want you to know that this decision was made following much prayer and consideration, and with the near and longer term in mind. We have faith that circumstances will once again allow groups of people to gather with less worries and restrictions. We have faith that our precious congregation (that means you!) will again joyfully meet and demonstrate the divine love, care, and community that have been hallmarks of Denton Community Church.


It will be relatively simple to construct a few walls to create four generously sized classrooms as well as the storage space we need. (See the attached floorplan for details.) And as one would expect, there will be significant one-time costs—but nothing too challenging for our God!


Materials, including drywall $ 6,000

Labor: construction of 11’ walls & painting 12,000

Labor: tape, bed, & texture 3,000

HVAC modifications for classrooms 2,500


100 chairs, 10 tables 2,700



Visualize your church gathering in our own place, that we can use whenever we want. Imagine how we can reach out with the love of Jesus, no longer hindered by the lack of a facility. Think about the various groups we can minister to, whenever they have the need. Consider the businesses, families, and individuals in the immediate vicinity that can benefit from a loving, welcoming church right in their neighborhood. Envision the victorious cross that we will be able to display on our own wall. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Would you like to make it happen?

It will take a commitment. God has blessed our church generously and you have been faithful during these recent times, keeping DCC in strong shape financially even when we weren’t able to gather physically. Now, we will all need to prayerfully determine what God would have us do to move the church forward.

On an immediate and ongoing basis, the rent and our share of the utilities will require approximately $400 per month more than we were paying at North Lakes. This amount will come from our general offerings.

We will have some time before we have to pay for the construction. Our lease term begins September 1, and we may not need the larger classrooms right away. But we pray and hope that it will be soon. To contribute to these funds, designate your offering to go for “Construction”

When you have a chance, go look at the new space. It may appear empty, but let God show you how it is full of wonderful possibilities. Everyone who has seen it has become excited about the ministry that will take place there.

Look at the photos below, and watch the walk-through video that Dustin shot. Then join us in thanksgiving, and praise, and eagerness to be part of what God is doing.

These are exciting times for Denton Community Church. Thank you for your devotion and dedication that have helped bring us here. Now hang on for the ride as God takes us into exciting new places!

Yours in Christ,


Click the image below to see a walk through of the new DCC space:

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