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Sunday Sermon - 04/21/2019 - Job 19

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, how gentle you showed yourself to be on the day of your glorious resurrection. You had just suffered in your body and spirit the holy justice of the infinite God on behalf of all humanity, for all time. What you endured and accomplished on Holy Saturday while your body lay lifeless in the tomb is a glorious curiosity and mystery, surely incomprehensible to the finite minds and experiences of mere mortals. And yet the first words you spoke out of the tomb were not words of exhaustion or self-congratulation or righteous indignation, but of pure compassion, “Woman, why are you weeping?” It is as if you are speaking directly to us today, “Why are you weeping?” And we

Sunday Sermon - 04/14/2019 - Deuteronomy 32:36-39

Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, of all that was said on the day of your crucifixion, most striking are your words of compassion, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." How true are those words for us in our day, for "the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick," and we, like those who crucified you, do not fully know what we do, do not fully know the reasons for our own actions, do not fully know all the forces at work in any situation. Truly, we are like those who called out, "Crucify him," not knowing the depths of our own wickedness and arrogance, being pulled along by our own evil desires in ways imperceptible to our limited minds. And yet you looked with d

Sunday Sermon - 04/07/2019 - Isaiah 43:16-21

Opening Prayer: O Holy God, not long ago we were among those who lived in futility, every one of our goals an attempt to fuel our pride or deaden the gnawing of our consciences. So large was our self conception that we had no category for life centered around anything other than our own pleasure and prestige. In retrospect, we see how futile that life was, how every desire merely lead to another desire, the hunger for contentment and peace never stilled. You freed us from that futility. You brought us into an awareness of the divine glory of Jesus Christ, and in so doing you showed us the reality of our selfishness, our baseness, our lack of goodness. And the void left by our bloated self-co

Sunday Sermon - 03/31/2019 - Isaiah 12

Opening Prayer: O Holy God, you are merciful and compassionate, wise beyond our understanding. You daily grant mercy and joy to those who do not trust you, and special fullness of joy to your children.Why are we among the redeemed, why did you spark the flame of faith in us, and why are others still in darkness, unable or unwilling to trust Jesus and submit to the Holy Spirit? Prevent us from imagining that the special mercy and joy that you give your children is a result of our wisdom in submitting to you. Let the joys of your church be cause for humble thanksgiving, that your church may honor you with some return for the unmerited mercy you daily show us. We pray this in the name of Jesus.

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