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Sunday Sermon - 05/12/2019 - Proverbs 29:17-18

Opening Prayer:

O Holy God, you are the Great Shepherd, he who provides all the necessary means to survive and all the necessary means to live contentedly. Thank you for filling our hearts with peace and rest and joy in Jesus Christ. May your church honor you today by remembering all the good that you have done for us, and by offering you due thanks for the innumerable blessings of adoption in Christ.

We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen

Closing Prayer:

O Holy God, we confess that our angry discontent is rooted in distrust of your care and wisdom and promises; forgive us for our dissatisfaction with you. O Lord, it is terribly easy to fancy our plans and desires as wiser and more important than your words and commands, and it is dangerously easy to use the lives of our nearest neighbors as leverage to prop up our own self-image. Please grant your church child-like humility and trust in you, that we would willingly accept all the joys and challenges that you send our way. And so may our nearest neighbors wonder at the other-worldly peace in your church, and long for some part in your house.

We pray this in the name of Jesus and for his glory. Amen

Sunday Sermon - Mother's Day


Prov 29:17-18

Bryan Collins

Click the image below to listen to the message:

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